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My name is Sander Hoeksma, and I am the founder of Rebalance Massage Praktijk. I give professional and holistic massage therapy, focused on healing people from their emotional stress, trauma, and blockages. My aim is to help people through the power of touch while being present and aware of someone's personal story, body and health.

My journey as a holistic therapist began 16 years ago when I met a Māori healer. He opened my mind to body energy in a time when I was suffering from loss and grieving. It deeply inspired me to combine his teachings with my medical knowledge and help release pain in others.

I have a passion for the human anatomy and studied physiotherapy. To broaden my knowledge even further, I then immersed myself in the knowledge of certain specifications and obtained multiple diplomas (sport massage, personal trainer, fitness trainer and Pilates trainer) and certificates (trigger point therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation).

And now I am the proud owner of Rebalance, guiding people back to balance and help slow down without losing their edge.

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Portrait Ventisislav
Massage therapist
My name is Ventsislav and I am massage therapist.

My journey and passion started seven years ago when I actively practiced sports, specifically football. An injury changed my path and introduced me to physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, massage therapies, and nutrition. After experiencing and feeling the power of these practices, my love and interest for them grew even stronger. I graduated as a Physiotherapist and explored various massage techniques such as sports, deep-tissue, and classical, as well as Kinetics flossing therapy, Ergon therapy, and Kinesiotape therapy. My latest certification is in nutrition.

I provide professional body therapies for relaxation and recovery after a busy day or intense training, or if you just need to release negative energy. Additionally, I can help you improve your body's nutritional balance, whether it be through weight loss, weight maintenance, or increasing muscle mass.


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Massage therapist
My name is Kodee and I stem all the way from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand. With over 7 years working in the fitness industry I have honed my skills to help individuals achieve their physical and mental wellness goals.

As a massage therapist, I employ a variety of techniques that extend beyond mere relaxation. My skilled touch seeks to alleviate physical tension, releasing stored stress and anxiety from the body's tissues.

As a personal trainer I recognise that exercise is not only about physical strength but also mental resilience.

My approach to both massage therapy and personal training is grounded in empathy and personalised care.

With Rebalance's calm and serene environment come and escape the demands of daily life, relax, and let go.

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